Artificial Begonia Maculata (Coral) in a Pot

$26.85 zawiera VAT, $21.83 netto

Artificial coral begonia with large asymmetrical leaves spotted with white. It amazingly faithfully imitates natural begonia, making it an attractive addition to interiors. The spots create a nice pattern and draw the eye to the plant. Artificial coral begonia is not only a decorative item, but also a great way to spice up a space in an office, restaurant or home retreat. Placed in a technical pot – just put it in a decorative casing and you can enjoy a showy room plant. Made carefully, with high-quality materials. Unlike real plants, it does not require regular watering, exposure to sunlight or special weather conditions. This is an excellent solution for people who want to bring greenery into their interior without having time to care for plants on a daily basis.

Technical pot size at height: ↕10 cm, ↔10.5 cm




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