Lodz – fascinating and still undiscovered

For years, it was stereotypically perceived as a gray and typically industrial city. And that’s not true! We saw with our own eyes that now dilapidated old factories are being transformed into marvels of modern architecture.

The metropolitan zone is the central and oldest area of the city. The best-formed urban. This is where most of the stately residential and factory buildings are located. It is here, on Kilinskiego Street, that mBank Stop is located, where this August we had the opportunity to arrange the space using artificial vegetation.

Balconies – mBank stop

Initially, the balconies inside the bank’s headquarters had live plants – ivy and clovers. However, too high temperatures and lack of air circulation in the enclosed space meant that the plants unfortunately did not survive the year.

Photos before:

At this point, we sprang into action. The investor wanted the most natural effect and to protect the plants with a UV agent.

Hanging plants – Ivies

We offer several types of overhanging plants – fascicles, threecrops, hawthorns, grapevines or hedera ivies. After a meeting with the investor and a site visit, the choice fell on the classic Hedera ivy – white-green (180 cm long) and light green (150 cm long).

These ivies are virtually indistinguishable from living plants. The leaf material is waxed, the colors are vivid, the spots and innervation are accurately reproduced.

In addition, at the customer’s request, the ivy was treated with a substance that protects against fading.

The end result – five green balconies with hanging cascades of ivy – looked sensational.