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Wroclaw is one of Poland’s most beautiful cities. The city is developing rapidly. Many new residents are coming to it. Some of them to learn. Others in search of work. New housing estates and office buildings are constantly being built in it.

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Wrocław office office building it industry conference room interior design greenery artificial plants green wall

Artificial plants in the office

Owczarek Bywalec Architects( did the interior design in one of Wrocław’s office buildings. To complete it they used our artificial plants.

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During the pandemic, the existing office had to be redesigned. It should be safe for workers. New resting spaces have been created. The distances between desks have been increased.

The rooms are designed in a light style. They are meant to foster creative work. The main consideration was the comfort of employees. The whole is complemented by our artificial plants. They provide decoration for work and rest rooms. They also introduce a friendly atmosphere and make you want to come back to the office.

Artificial plants in the office as decoration

The architects used artificial plants to decorate the interior. Live plants in office spaces do not have the right conditions. The use of greenery in interiors warms rooms. For this reason, artificial plants for the office are ideal. Green walls and green elements in elongated pots have been designed. The office interiors also feature artificial plants in pots suspended from the ceilings.

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conference room office building in Wroclaw

Artificial plants were designed in oblong pots next to the furniture, as well as artificial trifoliate ivy in pots on the bookcases. The greenery on the walls in the form of artificial moss fit perfectly into the light atmosphere of the office. The moss was designed on rectangular panels of different sizes. Pots of Epipremnum ivy were placed on the ceilings on suspended trusses.

Ivy does a great job as a plant for the office. It has long been classified as an ornamental greenery, and our artificial models are indistinguishable from the living plant thanks to the high quality of workmanship and attention to detail. The creeper of the trifoliate is distinguished by a very large number of green leaves. The plant gives the impression of being healthy and dense and wonderfully enlivens the arrangement.

Epipremnum ivy, on the other hand, is a plant whose leaves shimmer in two shades of green. Set in a pot on a bookcase or shelf, it looks beautiful.

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The panels on the walls are overgrown with our artificial reindeer weevil moss. It is quite a popular plant in interiors. The artificial plant does not need to be put in a pot, and it does not need adequate light or humidity. Simply mount the panel on the wall. In addition, our moss is flame retardant. It is an artificial plant that can survive anything!

Wrocław office office building it industry conference room interior design greenery artificial plants green wall

In pots near the furniture are compositions of philodendrons and ferns. A philodendron in the form of a vine fit perfectly into the pots. Its green, heart-shaped leaves in a vivid green color blend wonderfully with the large leaves of the monstera. The plants were made in very good quality with attention to detail. They are almost identical to living plants. As an additional element of the composition, Boston fern was inserted into the pots.

Artificial plants in the office are an excellent solution. They are not bothered by harsh conditions and do not lose their leaves. In addition, they are a beautiful green interior decoration.

Artificial plants in the Wroclaw office work perfectly. Compositions in pots match and enhance the interior. The whole thing is well thought out and interacts with each other. Thanks to the greenery on the walls, there is a cozy atmosphere. The interiors have their own individual character thanks to green suspended ceilings. They are warm and pleasant and you want to come back to them. Our plants add to their unique charm. We thank the company Owczarek Bywalec Architekci Sp. z o.o. For choosing our products. If you want to read more please visit the website of the architectural firm:


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