The fashion for artificial grasses continues. Psychologists have been proving for years the salutary effect of the green color of plants on our mental state – looking at green plants in our surroundings helps us fight stress and allows us to relax effectively.

Ornamental grasses are special plants with which the impression of lightness, wildness and naturalness is associated. Something of this permeates every place they go.

The rustle of grasses stimulates the senses. It has a soothing effect. In the past, grasses were mainly found in gardens and parks. Thanks to the variety of forms and colors, however, ornamental grasses are extremely attractive and versatile in terms of application! Where there is a lack of space and real ground underfoot, it is worth placing them in pots. They look great with both tall cigarillos and chests. They are a great and original addition to various compositions, and can also be a stand-alone decoration.

Artificial grasses in the form of clumps placed in pots or in the shape of sheaves can be found in almost every supermarket or accessory store. Different species, sizes, prices and… different quality.

Nothing is expensive by itself, expensive always seems to be in comparison to something else. People often feel cheated when they pay different prices in different places for the supposedly same product. Often, for example, the question arises as to why a product costs so much and so much at our place, while at the supermarket you pay 20% less for it. Well, it comes down to the quality of the materials used, well, and the quality of workmanship. On attention to detail.

The products on our site are custom designed. They are not available to the public and you won’t find them in any factory. We often encounter counterfeits of these products. They are a tad cheaper but… well, that’s just it: BUT. Look closely at them and you will see plastic unsightly finishes. The material somehow feels wrong to the touch. Colors so unnatural, artificial. From a distance you can see that these are artificial plants. Our products are definitely more durable, better refined and more realistic. They do not fade or fade when exposed to the sun.

As in most cases, the price is followed by quality. In the case of artificial plants, you can also find out. Usually plants – whether small flowers or stately trees – are placed in a representative place. Visible to us and to outsiders. Therefore, it is not worth choosing plants of poor quality. If you decide on artificial plants, don’t save money, and the product you buy will please your eye for years to come.