Succulents, including cacti, delight with their variety of colors and shapes. They look good in almost any interior – they can be placed individually (especially the larger specimens), but also juxtaposed with each other. A fashionable accent, often used in Scandinavian-style interior designs, are small cacti in identical pots, placed side by side on a windowsill or bookcase. But the smallest succulents are perhaps the most interesting – they can be combined with each other in various ways. Compositions composed of several plants not only look great, but also lend themselves to original decorations.

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A great idea to decorate with artificial succulents is to create a small garden. To make it, you will need a selection of artificial succulents and a vessel of your choice (a box, a glass platter, a pot, or even a lantern). It is best to choose plants of different colors and habit, among others. Round, spiky, mottled, with variously shaped thick leaves, etc. All you need to do is pour pebbles, soil, bark, glass beads or other material into the vessel (in the case of artificial plants, only our imagination is the limit, although it is worth remembering that succulents look best when surrounded by natural materials, such as wood, bark, pebbles, soil). In such a prepared vessel you can already place plants, composing them in an appropriate manner. With round bowls, it’s a good idea to start in the middle, using the largest specimen first, then surround it with smaller ones. Both symmetrical compositions and completely arbitrarily arranged plants will look good in the oblongs. The great advantage of artificial succulents is that they can be freely put together – they do not need to be watered, so the problem of different requirements of different species disappears.

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A mini garden of artificial succulents can be used both indoors as an original “potted plant” and outdoors – as a decoration for a balcony or terrace. It will also work well as a gift: an unconventional gift for a loved one or a souvenir for wedding guests.