Ginkgo biloba – Ginko 145 cm

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This original tree is most often placed as a single specimen in prominent locations. It will fit perfectly in rooms such as a spa, restaurant or hotel lobby. Artificial ginkgo will look good both in a wide pot (in a vase) placed on the floor, and in a soaring pot as one of the plants arranged in a row.

There is rich symbolism associated with the ginkgo tree – it is a symbol of vitality, hope and brotherhood. Throughout Asia, these trees are planted near Buddhist and Taoist temples and monasteries. Ginkgo leaves are used as talismans and as a medicinal raw material.

The leaves of the artificial ginkgo tree, as in living plants, are gathered in buds of several pieces. They have a distinctive shape that resembles a fan with an indentation in the middle. The leaf blade has nice innervation and a vivid green color.


Height: 145cm

Technical pot size: ↕15 cm, ↔17 cm



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