Lavender in a gray concrete pot 43 cm

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Unusual Lavender in Grey Concrete Pot with a height of 43 cm, which takes you straight to the charming Mediterranean gardens. It is an ideal decoration for indoor as well as outdoor use. Lavender in a gray concrete pot will be a perfect decoration for a restaurant or cafe, adding Mediterranean charm and elegance. Place it on the window sill or on a table at the entrance to welcome guests in a pleasant atmosphere. Lavender in a 43 cm concrete pot at home – place lavender on a shelf, coffee table, windowsill or balcony to add Mediterranean charm to your home. Its presence will create a pleasant environment for rest and relaxation.

Product Features:

  • Natural Appearance: Our artificial lavender delights with its realistic appearance. Every detail, from the delicate flowers to the subtle leaves, has been carefully reproduced to create the impression of a real plant.
  • Gray Concrete Pot: The pot made of concrete in a gray shade adds industrial charm and modern character to the composition. This is a perfect combination of elegance and austerity, which gives lavender a unique style.
  • Durability: thanks to the high-quality materials used in production, the lavender will please your eyes for many years, maintaining its freshness and beauty without the need for care.


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