Olive Tree Ball

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If you dream of creating the atmosphere of a Mediterranean garden in your interior, the Artificial Olive Tree is the perfect choice to take you to the fabulous world of southern Europe. The offered tree will not only meet your expectations delighting you with its extraordinary charm and unparalleled elegance. It has a natural trunk and a ball-shaped crown with dense foliage in shades of gray-green, creating a unique visual effect that transports you to the sunny olive fields and picturesque shores of the Mediterranean.

This unusual combination of naturalness and elegance makes the Artificial Olive Tree the focal point of the interior, adding a special character and unique charm. Let everyone who crosses the threshold of your home or premises feel as if they are in a Mediterranean garden full of splendor, where tranquility, harmony and beauty combine into an extraordinary whole.


Technical pot size 150 cm: ↕17 cm, ↔15 cm / Number of leaves: 4784

Technical pot size 180 cm: ↕17 cm, ↔15 cm / Number of leaves: 6968

Technical pot size 210 cm: ↕20 cm, ↔18 cm / Number of leaves: 13728




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