Orchid Hanging in a Moss Ball

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Phalaenopsis is the best-known representative of the orchid family. It has oval, fleshy leaves with a dark green color. The flower stems grow between the leaves. The colors of the flowers of these plants are incredibly rich, also the size of the flowers can vary greatly – they range from 1 to almost 5 centimeters. It is the original flowers of orchids that so delight us. Phalaenopsis can be called without exaggeration the pride of the orchid family. Our pride instead is an artificial orchid set in a ball of moss.

It is this sphere that is something that distinguishes this artificial orchid from others. The unusual form of the “pot” made of moss and roots allows you to create interesting arrangements. The orchid can be hung, placed on a pedestal or in a glass bowl. In the wild, orchids are found from India to the southeastern part of China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. They are epiphytes that grow on the branches and trunks of trees, hence our suggestion to suspend the orchid just in a ball of moss.



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