A backyard swimming pool is a popular topic not only during the summer season. And if, in addition to the pool, we also have room for a gym and a relaxation area, such as such a home spa… it’s really a fairy tale! Once you have such a mini-center for sports and recreation in the form of a private swimming pool, there is still the question of arranging this space so that, while in it, you feel maximum relaxation. And to relax us, calm us and soothe us, plants are best suited. There is a reason why it is said that greenery has a soothing effect on people.

Plants vs. a home pool: live or artificial?

The answer to the question of whether to use live or artificial plants in the room where the pool is located, contrary to appearances, is not easy. Much depends on where in the house the pool is located – indoors or perhaps in the conservatory? Are there windows in this space that will provide enough light for live plants to grow and flourish? How about humidity and temperature, will conditions be favorable for live specimens? Won’t it be too wet, causing us to quickly face the need to replace the plants with other, more resistant ones? Won’t they be harmed by chlorine and detergents? Do we have the time and inclination to nurture live trees, grasses or flowers? With a home swimming pool is a bit like a bathroom – not every species can cope here.

With artificial plants, these dilemmas disappear. Therefore, for home swimming pools we recommend durable and made of high-quality materials artificial plants. In their case, in principle, there are no restrictions: you can use any plant, following aesthetic, functional or personal preferences.

Artificial plants in a home swimming pool: our ideas

If the home swimming pool is one of the elements of the recreation area, it is worth thinking about functional division of this space. For fencing off the pool from the gym, spa, hot tub or relaxation area, the following are perfect. oblong pots partitions, in which you can place – depending on your preference – low and openwork artificial plants, or higher and denser specimens, forming clear dividers, or even various types of artificial hedges. Such covers provide privacy for relaxing or exercising householders and their guests.

And it’s not just about associations with exoticism, tropical vacations or vacations under palm trees – you can just as well use flowers or fruit trees to arrange a recreational space in a subtle, somewhat romantic style. Plants such as artificial ferns, grasses and mosses also work well at a home pool. The use of Green walls, and thus the installation of so-called “green walls. vertical gardens – For example, where there is little space on the floor to set plant pots. Such plants are calming and evoke associations with the forest.
In juxtaposition with the blue surface of the water, other artificial plants are also great: stately banana trees, very fashionable monstera or bamboo.

If you are facing the choice of decorations for your backyard swimming pool, or if you are the owner of a guesthouse or hotel with an indoor swimming pool and need advice on plant arrangements – feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help with the selection of plants and pots.
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